Thursday, August 25, 2011

The countdown begins...

I am enjoying the last couple days of freedom before starting my last year of school as an undergrad. I didn't get interviewed for a job I wanted to do during my senior year and after I graduatwd. I have accepted that God had greater plans for me. I am looking forward for some odd reasons to Graduating, not just becuase i've been in school for many many years, but because i'm excited for where Amanda and I could go. I've been praying about the next step... Grad school? Dream job? Where is the mighty God calling me? Well, I am hoping that I can end my senior year with a bang! I made the first step getting there, I applied to be a peer counselor on campus, hopefully it turns out to be a good experience.  I will try to post more blog this upcoming school year! Peace out!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Up With People

I don't know how many of you guys are aware of what I am about to do in a couple weeks, On January 6th I will be heading to Denver Colorado for the beginning of my study abroad. here is a schedule of what I am going to be doing,

January 2007 Cast A
Travel Schedule

All participants will arrive in Denver, Colorado USA on 6 January, 2007 and depart from Bangkok, Thailand on 11 June, 2007.

North America*
Denver, Colorado, USA (orientation)
6 January – 5 February
Farmington, New Mexico, USA
5 February – 12 February
Tucson, Arizona, USA
12 February – 19 February
Texas – City To Be Announced
19 February – 26 February
Arkansas – City To Be Announced
26 February – 5 March
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
5 March – 12 March
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
12 March – 19 March
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
19 March – 26 March
Venice, Florida, USA
26 March – 2 April

Antwerp, Belgium
2 April – 9 April
Utrecht, The Netherlands
9 April – 16 April
Leipzig, Germany
16 April – 23 April
Bremen, Germany
23 April – 30 April
Gothenburg, Sweden
30 April – 7 May
Copenhagen, Denmark
7 May – 13 May

Bangkok week 1, 2 & 4
Chaing Mai week 3
14 May – 11 June

Going to be a Awesome Journey